BEST BAKER™ Maltose alpha amylase for baking


BEST BAKER™MX-60 can rapidly hydrolyze starch and dextrin to produce maltose and glucose, and then maltose and glucose trans-glycosidase to oligosaccharides. Used in baking, to maintain bread softness and elasticity, to prevent bread aging and to extend shelf life.


Safe use

Enzymes are proteins that have a certain sensitization to specific populations. Some enzymes may have irritant effects on the skin, eyes and mucous membranes. Inhalation or exposure to enzyme dusts and enzyme mists should be avoided. Wear appropriate work clothes, gloves and goggles during operation to avoid splashing and vigorous stirring to prevent enzymatic dust and enzyme mist from being produced. More information on the safe use of the product can be found in the product MSDS file, which can be obtained from Bestzyme.


Technical Service

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