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Bestzyme is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GenScript. Bestzyme is the only company in China that can independently develop genetically engineered strains, with industrialization platform for enzyme and synthetic biology products. Since its incorporation in 2013, Bestzyme grew rapidly, for only 4 years, it has become one of the top ten enterprises in the enzyme industry. Currently, an independent R&D center has been established in its headquarter in Nanjing, the “Nanjing Enzyme and Bio-Engineering Research Center”. The company's enzyme products have been sold throughout China, with developing international market.

At the rapid growth of Bestzyme, the scale of the industry and sales are doubling every year. Bestzyme invites you to join us!

Qingyi Huaizhi, Jiacai Xianji, if you are full of ambitions, look forward to success, Bestzyme invites you to join us!

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Number of Hiring: 1
Job location: Nanjing, China
  1. Be responsible for proposing, executing R&D projects in the area of molecular biology and synthetic biology
  2. Be responsible for planning and directing long-term and middle-term development of molecular biology and synthetic biology, including gene synthesis, vector design/construction, gene expression, etc
  3. Be responsible for building, training and leading a team of research and development
  4. Resolve technical problems encountered and propose innovative ideas and prepare proposals
Job description :

A Ph.D. in molecular biology, microbiology, biochemical engineering, genetic engineering, and other bio-related fields
Be familiar with the design and construction of expression vectors, and other molecular biology tools
Be earnest and diligent
Having a keen sense of responsibility, self-motivation, good communication and teamwork skill
Good English reading and writing skills