• HighDEX®
    P1000 Pullulanase

    Catalyze the hydrolysis of the α-D-1,6 glucosidic linkages of liquefied starch to produce linear α-1,4-D oligosaccharides, which could maximizes the final glucose yield significantly especially under very high DS conditions. Can be applied to the commercial production of high purity glucose and maltose.

  • HighDEX® Ultra Glucoamylase blend series

    HighDEX® Ultra, High Performance Glucoamylase blend and HighDEX® Ultra3.0 , Ultra High Performance Glucoamylase blend.
    High activity glucoamylase blends with a wide pH range, thermal stable pullulanase at an appropriate ratio, can be used to efficiently degradation of starch to produce glucose.

  • SuperLIQ®
    T High temperature amylase series
    • SuperLIQ®1.0T Standard High Temperature Amylase
    • SuperLIQ® 2.0T Enhanced High Temperature Amylase

    Can efficiently hydrolyze α-1,4‐glucosidic bonds, reduce viscosity of starch slurry quickly, with “liquefy” effect, to produce soluble dextrin and small amount of oligosccharides. It is especially suitable for the liquefaction process in starch sugar production.