Customized compound enzymes


In daily livestock production, the feed formulation changes with the price of raw materials, and different feed ingredients contain different anti-nutrient and nutrient components. For feed compound enzyme, it is necessary to “prescribe the right medicine” for different nutrition and anti-nutrient characteristics of feed ingredients, and also meet the requirements of different animal species and different physiological conditions. Bestzyme aims to provide you with a more reasonable customized complex enzyme program.


Design concept

(1) Anti-nutrient degradation

Analyze the composition of the dietary composition and the content of anti-nutritional factors, and add the appropriate NSP enzyme and phytase in the formula to eliminate the anti-nutrients. The NSP enzyme is screened and compounded according to the principle of combinatorial enzymes. The same enzyme from different sources is selected, and different single enzymes are matched with each other according to a certain ratio. The synergistic effect of the NSP enzyme maximizes the decomposition of the antinutritional factors to obtain the best effect.

(2) Efficient use of nutrients

Supplementation of proteases to promote the digestion and absorption of proteins by animals, especially the addition of keratinase, to efficiently decompose protein structures containing disulfide bonds in feedstuffs (such as gliadin, keratin, etc.), promote the digestion of gliadin in keratin and corn protein of feather meal. Digestion of powdery gliadin reduces the indigestion and diarrhea caused by this type of protein in broiler feeds; supplements the amylase and increases the utilization efficiency of starch, especially resistant starch, by the meat.

(3) Health Solutions

On the one hand, attention should be paid to selecting enzyme preparations with oligosaccharide as the main product when NSP enzymes are selected. Such oligosaccharides can be used as intestinal function regulators to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and inhibit the colonization and propagation of harmful bacteria; as adjuvants for exogenous antigens binding to the surface, slowing down the absorption of antigens, increasing the titer of the antigen, and enhancing the cellular and humoral immune responses of animals. On the other hand, the active enzyme preparations for intestinal health care are actively added to create a healthy intestinal environment, improve the body's health and improve animal performance.

(4) Comprehensive solution

Compound enzyme formulations should focus on many aspects such as nutrients, anti-nutritional components, and animal health. There is no need to add other enzyme preparation products during the use process. The operation is simple and easy to use.


Safe use

Enzymes are proteins that have a certain sensitization to specific populations. Some enzymes may have irritant effects on the skin, eyes and mucous membranes. Inhalation or exposure to enzyme dusts and enzyme mists should be avoided. Wear appropriate work clothes, gloves and goggles during operation to avoid splashing and vigorous stirring to prevent enzymatic dust and enzyme mist from being produced. More information on the safe use of the product can be found in the product MSDS file, which can be obtained from Bestzyme.


Technical Services

Bestzyme is committed to working with customers to optimize the process and provide the best solution. Customer First, always responsible is our commitment to every customer.