BESTZYME CE804 for Pig


Bestzyme CE804 is a kind of compound enzyme and developed according to the digestive system of piglet and growing-finishing pig and characteristics of feed. The digestive system of piglet is immature, the secretion of endogenous digestive enzyme such as protease and amylase is insufficient. CE804 supplements the endogenous digestive enzymes for piglet. Furthermore, CE804 includes combined NSP enzymes for various growing-finishing pig feed containing lower-quality ingredients with high fiber content. CE804 should be supplemented in the whole growing period of pig and improve the growth performance.

Main Composition of CE804


  • The combination of protease from different strain plays a synergistic role in plant and animal protein.
    • Combined protease plays highly activity in both the stomach and intestine.
    • Combined protease not only effectively degrades the conventional protein structure into peptide and amino acid, but also eliminates the antigen protein, trypsin inhibitor and other anti-nutrition factors.
  • The combination of amylase that have the different cleavage sites thoroughly hydrolyzes starch chains in material.
    • Combined amylase plays an effective role in amylose and amylopectin which are large quantities in plant materials.
    • Combines amylase completely breaks down starch into glucose, which quickly provides energy for animal.
  • The combination of NSP enzymes is more effective in NSP depolymerization when regular and individual material is used in feed.
    • Combined NSP enzyme breaks down the cell wall, reduce the chyme viscosity, release the nutrients and improve the utilization of feed.
    • Combined NSP enzyme mainly contains xylanase, mannanase, glucanase, etc. The enzymatic hydrolysis product oligosaccharides as prebiotics can be conducive to intestinal health of animal, improve survival rate and growth performance.


  • Improve the protein, produce small peptide and oligosaccharide, improve the animal body health, degrade the anti-nutrition factor, and prevent the diarrhea of piglet.
  • Improve the energy and polysaccharide utilization and the growth performance.
  • Eliminate the difference between different bathes of feed raw material and stabilize the quality of complete feed.
  • Reduce the nitrogen emission and improve the breeding environment.


  • Experiment in vitro
  • Bestzyme CE804 improve the utilization of nutrients and increase the digestibility of carbohydrate by stimulating digestive system of pig in vitro.

  • Experiment on farm
  • Bestzyme CE804 improves the growth performance and decreases the diarrhea rate in piglet.

Note: Control: basal diet; Test: basal diet + 500g/t CE804

Data from pig farm in Jinan, 30-60 day-old weaned piglet.


Form Powder
Usage 300-500 g/t in complete feed
Package 25 kg/bag
Storage Stored 12 months under cover in cool and dry conditions
Caution Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature