Acid β-mannanase


This β-mannase is a high temperature and acidic mannase, which is derived from the expression of aspergillus Niger. This product is an internal hydrolytic enzyme hydrolyzing the main chain of 1,4-β-D -pyranoid mannose. It can decompose the mannose in feed raw materials such as galactose, grape mannose and galactose into oligosaccharides, effectively reduce its anti-nutrition effect, improve nutrient digestibility and growth performance.



  • Excellent heat resistance, suitable for pellet feed preparation
  • Independent research and development advantages of strains, through intellectual property management system certification, to maintain R & D at the leading level in the industry.
  • Intelligent factory with ISO9001, ISO22000 and FAMI-QS system certification, and its product performance is stable.



  • Effectively degrade the anti nutrition factors such as mannan in feed, destroy cell walls, release nutrient substance in cells, reduce the viscosity of chyme, improve the absorption of nutrients and increase the utilization rate of feed.
  • Relieve the inhibition of mannan on IGF-1 and insulin, regulate glucose metabolism, promote protein synthesis and increase lean meat rate.
  • The decomposition products of mannan oligosaccharide can increase immunity, regulate intestinal flora and improve animal disease resistance.



Store in a dry, ventilated, cool, pollution-free place, avoid high temperature storage. If it is not used up after opening, please keep it sealed.

Shelf life: The shelf life under the original package is 12 months.


Packing Specifications


Definition of activity: One unit of mannanase activity is defined as the amount of enzyme which liberates 1 micromole of reducing sugar per minute from 3 mg/mL of mannan at pH 5.5 and 37℃.

Package: 25kg/bag.


Safe use

Enzymes are proteins that have a certain sensitization to specific populations. Some enzymes may have irritant effects on the skin, eyes and mucous membranes. Inhalation or exposure to enzyme dusts and enzyme mists should be avoided. Wear appropriate work clothes, gloves and goggles during operation to avoid splashing and vigorous stirring to prevent enzymatic dust and enzyme mist from being produced. More information on the safe use of the product can be found in the product MSDS file, which can be obtained from Bestzyme.


Technical Service

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